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Art takes time to create. Make sure to book your artist for long enough to be AMAZED!

Tribal Tattoo Body Painting


Face Painting & Body Art at it's Finest

Rates and Pricing per artist

Rates very from $100 - $200 an hour depending on the size of event, number of hours booked, the number of services clients would like and the travel distance.

Each event is different with each client having different expectations. Rather than set "standard" rates, each party is quoted based on the client's needs and budget.

You may receive several options both within and outside of your budget depending on the services you request and event details.

When booking an artist, please be aware that it takes time to create the designs on this website. While we do offer all sizes of designs and some are quicker than others, they all take at least a few minutes each.

Please try to book according to the type of designs you would like, and how much time your artist will have to paint them.