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The most important part of my job is making sure I leave the children and their parents with a smile on their faces.

Tropical Eye Face Painting

I am constantly looking for new ideas everywhere. You never know where a new concept or design will come from.

Tribal Eye Face Painting

My belief is that no matter how much talent you think you have, you are never good enough to stop trying to learn more. I have taken classes from some of the world's most talented face and body painting artists.

Princess Eye Face Painting

I look at each party as a new opportunity to improve my skills and "Amaze" a new client.

About Marvelous Masks

Marvelous Masks
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My Mother Made Me Do It!

I get asked at nearly every party how I got started face painting. And I always give the same answer... "My mother made me."

In 2009 my mother, from Curlie's Face Art in Michigan, got a call from Nike to provide face painters for the NCAA Final Four in Detroit. She needed 8 painters but had only been painting for a couple years and didn't have enough people to cover it. So she told me that since I was coming for a visit I was doing it.

Okay, she really "asked" me... but it's just more fun to tell it the other way.

It was such a wonderful experience I just decided to keep going. Here I am four years later still painting, still learning, and still working to constantly improve my skills. Most of all I'm still loving what I do.

My job is to make people smile by providing artistic services. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to do something that I really love and make a living at it.

Thank you Chicago for your continued support.